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Haivision is the global leader in delivering the most advanced video networking, digital signage, and IP video distribution solutions. Haivision is the only company that offers complete end-to-end technology for video, graphics, and metadata in this field and makes this technology available as solutions through integrators and resellers worldwide. Haivision has specific expertise in the education, medical, government/military, enterprise/retail, and sports/entertainment markets.

Our Solutions: Haivision provides end-to-end solutions - the critical technology elements extending from media sources to viewers. Our hardware video encoders/decoders are world class with the Makito™ having revolutionized performance HD H.264 applications. The Furnace™ IP video system is unique in delivering 100% secure video recording and delivery, leveraging our patented InStream™ "zero footprint" desktop player. Our CoolSign™ digital signage software solution provides advanced endpoint communications to control and monitor all media elements. By offering end-to-end solutions, Haivision delivers performance and reliability from the content source through to viewing endpoints: to nteractive telepresence-style suites, boardrooms, and conference theaters with the lowest latency, video to players and set-top-boxes for coordinated low cost media delivery, and to desktops and displays throughout an organization.

Our Story: Haivision is based in Montreal and Chicago, serving global markets via channel partners, systems integrators, and OEM partners. Haivision was the first company to develop advanced, high performance, and low latency H.264 codec technology. Since early 2009, we have been shipping our 4th generation H.264 implementation supporting high definition up to 1080p60. Today, we are viewed as the undisputed leader in performance IP Video delivery.

In 2009, Haivision Systems merged with Video Furnace creating Haivision Network Video. Video Furnace was founded in 2002 with the vision of delivering IP video most elegantly throughout organizations. The fundamental proposition of Video Furnace is an IP video distribution system that enables simple and rapid deployment through a "software on demand" approach to player access and encourages user adoption through an easy to use player interface. Video Furnace has honed this product technology through years of close collaboration with key clients within the higher education and enterprise segments. The crown jewel of the Video Furnace system is the patented "zero footprint" InStream player technology that enables secure video access throughout an organization immediately after the central Furnace server is installed. The InStream player requires zero installation, zero maintenance, zero upgrades and works on any platform (Windows, Mac OS/X, Linux, Unix, Sun Solaris 10) or set-top box (Stingray™).

In 2010, Haivision acquired CoolSign, a favored solution in the digital signage and digital out of home sectors. CoolSign was originally founded in 1998 with its research and development located in Haivision´s Portland, Oregon office. CoolSign is a performance software-only solution that takes advantage of industry standard signage player technology and is an easily learned, easily used system that lets clients effectively display, distribute, and control digital media on networked digital displays from a central location. CoolSign´s digital signage solutions allow companies to create, manage and deliver powerful, dynamic content across an entire organization, no matter the size.

Our Magic: Haivision strives to be a great place to work and a great company to do business with. Our markets are expanding through extensive adoption of technology across all of our sectors. Our integrators and clients expect Haivision to stand up and lead with solutions that are both compelling and comprehensive.

Your Future: Haivision focuses on intelligent media pipelines that incorporate video, graphics, and metadata. This media content is the jewel of any organization. Haivision´s products assist organizations to build, manage, and distribute its media content, with performance, complete security, and full administrative control, to all viewers - video walls, displays, desktops, and mobile devices.

Our Success: Haivision´s products are deployed worldwide. The Mako and Makito technology delivers high definition between operating rooms, to viewers within conference centers, supervising physicians in their offices and is even used for telesurgery. The Furnace IP video system serves video to over 5 million viewers across leading university campuses and throughout Fortune 100 enterprises every day. The Piranha delivers low latency H.264 video blended with real-time metadata originating from unmanned aircraft assuring the rapid response of armed forces. The Hai1000 family multi-stream codec system is the quarterback technology for thousands of telepresence suites serving many of the world´s top organizations. CoolSign supports an extensive list of signage networks and displays in retail, education, and enterprise sectors worldwide.

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