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Aurora is an automated verifier application that performs analysis of stored video and audio stream files, making it suitable for acquiring high level stream information, syntax conformance, quality analysis, and format compliance, including CableLabs, ATSC, DVB, Blu-ray and DVD.


Eos is a series of plug-ins for Final Cut Pro, providing measurement and AutoFix correction for video and audio levels, in addition to safe title/action overlays for most internationally recognized broadcast formats.


DCA has a family of products that support multiple platforms and input devices, transfer job volumes and analysis requirements to ensure that a DDP® or CMF fileset is ready for mastering. All of DCA's products fully support HCRC verification for robust comparison of replicas to the gold reference value.

Load/Transfer, Analysis, Encryption, Verify/Comparison

Viper is DCA's next generation pre-mastering tool, providing transfer, analysis and HCRC verification for CD, DVD and Blu-ray images and replica. Viper can optionally complete the encryption for AACS or CSS, and offers complete integration with Commander Archiver and Commander Scheduler.

Viper Tools

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